Insurance and Surety Solutions

In for the Duration

Markets, client expectations, environmental regulations, health and safety compliance requirements, and innovations in equipment and material technologies, all mean that the construction industry is always accelerating into a more complicated tomorrow.


Timelines are tighter, relationships are more complex, technology is always changing. At CIMI we understand that your insurance and financial security needs will evolve arm-in-arm with the evolution of the marketplace and your business needs.


Because of our exceptional relationships with our insurers, and our constant connection developments in the construction industry we don’t just customize your program – we monitor and maintain it.


From stop-gap coverage to regular contract and operations reviews, we don’t just asses risk and sell you a package. We stay with you along the way.


With a constant read on the shifting industry lay-of-the-land, changing regulations, legislation and market demands, and alterations in the nature of sub-contractor relationships, we continually steward your security by adapting your package to address risks before they arise, or to transfer risk and liability to other parties where possible.


You can focus on running your business. Because we are focused on protecting it.

Sweating the Details

Combining traditional and web-based tools with our familiarity with forms and requirements for public and private projects empowers efficient contract analysis and negotiation

We address project-specific arrangements that can extend beyond the completion of actual construction work on major projects

We engage all relevant parties to satisfy contractual requirements and protect you and your customers over the long term


Looking Out for You Means Knowing Where to Look

Actual construction industry experience means we know what to look for – and what to look out for.


Just as important as knowing what risks may affect your business today, is knowing where to watch for what is coming down the pipe.


By combining our experience in construction with our experience in insurance, financial security, risk assessment and contract negotiations, we don’t just develop a plan to address your needs in the present; we also have our ear to the ground in all the places that matter so that your plan evolves along with changes in everything from contract legislation to building code requirements.


Whether you are concerned about the contract requirements and potential liabilities associated with a major project, or you are unsure about how to interpret a shift in legislation, our team is dedicated to remaining apprised of the latest developments that affect the construction industry.


We always know what is going on, what is required of businesses like yours, and even what you need to start preparing for. And because we always know right where to go for information – your business benefits from the efficiency of a proactive versus a reactive approach.


Because they often surpass insurance underwriter expectations, CIMI risk assessment reports can be the first step in reduced premiums.